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Bolia – a sofa without customer service and goodwill

As the winter approached Hamburg we thought about buying new sofa. During one of our last trips to Sweden we discovered (and starting liking) the plain Scandinavian design of Bolia. After two visits of the local Bolia Store in Hamburg … Weiterlesen

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Masala Travel in India

After my CSC assignment I had the pleasure of traveling together with my IBM/CSC colleague Malcolm for another 12 days. Since this was really a vacation there is only one blog post for the whole duration 😉 After saying goodbye … Weiterlesen

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[CSC] Time to say goodbye!

The last week just went by so quickly. On Wednesday we had our final presentation to Hitesh and Kajal from Chaitanya. We went through all our deliveries and highlighted the key follow ups. While four weeks are a quite limited … Weiterlesen

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[CSC] Presentation time

Its our final week in Jamnagar and that means its time for our project deliveries. The main parts are a five year strategy delivered as a project and our final presentation which we will delivered tomorrow. So we got the … Weiterlesen

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[CSC] Time is flying by

Hump day is already far gone and that means that time is flying by. Since we spend our third week in „working mode“ there was not too much to blog about. Time to write about a „normal“ working for me … Weiterlesen

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